Monday, September 26, 2011

Quick update

I haven't updated the blog for a while, and I wish I could say it doesn't mean I haven't been working on the game, but it does. This semester I quadrupled my work hours, so I've been busier.

But I'm organizing my schedule, and now I'm back on track. Still working on the game, and I one hundred percent promise I'll finish it. Hopefully by the end of the year.

Still, I'm not sure I will be updating the blog much two reasons.

1 - I don't want to spoil the game too much.

2 - I created this blog to discuss some game design issues. But since I don't get much feedback on the things I post... why bother?

I am gonna need 100 testers though. I have no idea where will I find them right now. That's why I wanted more people to follow this blog. But I have tricks on my sleeve I could use in case of emergencies.