Monday, June 25, 2012

At last... Polymorphous Perversity!

It is finished. Download it now:


The system implemented after the testing phase was a sexual diagnosing system. Click here for info.

I haven't forgotten about the $69 prize and the Polymorphous Perversity Guide to Masturbatory Reconditioning I promised to one of the testers. I'll take care of it soon.

I've talked enough about this game. Now I want to hear about it.


  1. Hooray and congratulations! Expect something more meaningful right after I've played the thing.

  2. Muito interessante o novo sistema implementado... realmente uma pena que a sua amostragem tenha sido tão baixa, com mais dados com certeza seria possível extrair informações curiosas de uma maneira que nunca ninguém sequer imaginou.. com um potencialmente polêmico jogo de RPG maker... daria para "brincar" bastante com esses dados... agora fiquei curioso se explorei muito pouco do jogo ou na média mesmo =)

    parabéns pelo trabalho, pelas ideias e iniciativa... agora pode descansar e partir para outra =) (se bem q assim como o seu jogo anterior, muitas notícias e comentários ainda surgirão deste jogo)

  3. Hey, i've been playing it for a while, and I have a couple of questions.

    1. When I went to see the witch, I refused to have sex with her because the horny bar was too high, and she got pissed off and won't let me back in. Have I completely ruined my chances of getting the rare item chest in there?

    2. I've met the djinn, and he says he wants to live in a vagina. Absolutely no clue on how to do this is given. I've tried talking to everyone at the beach, and the gender-switching machine in Tounglash's place doesn't seem to do anything. How do I complete the Djinn quest?

    3. In the Minotaur's dungeon, I found myself randomly teleported into another realm where some dude was crushed by a giant lady. What actually caused this?

  4. I'll keep it brief so I won't spoil too much.
    1 - No! It's still possible to get it.
    2 - It's someone you find in Heaven.
    3 - That I can't tell!

  5. Well, I managed to finish the Djinn quest. Not exactly sure which wish to go for, as none of them seem to be of any use (the mining minigame is kind of pointless if you're working for Judas).

    Thing is, after the various appearances of Chad in the bar, as well as the talk of jelqing and an over-endowed djinn, I was under the impression that there was some way to permanently enlarge the protagonist's penis beyond a "one use pill" in an attempt to beat Chad (as i'm assuming it's also possible to beat his number of sexual partners). Is my assumption incorrect?

  6. Caught Crabs, told by the guys at the bar to go see at doctor at the mall, doctor at the mall tells me to get a job and go mining. Does that mean not enough money or something wrong?

  7. You need money for treatment. After he treats you, it's possible to bed him.

    Also, is it me, or is Maria really needy? About 80% of the phone calls I get are from her.

  8. Just so you know, about my last question involving Chad, I opened the game in RPG Maker 2003 and discovered that there actually is a way to beat him in both sleep count and penis size. Oddly enough, it also seems to be possible for one of the other guys at the table to reach his 100 goal.

    Only question is now, how exactly does the player increase his penis size? It apparently starts off at 6 inches, and mine is currently 8.

  9. Ok, my perspective is that the game presents an inherently juvenile vision of sex, as though it were one formed by a teenage boy who only has knowledge of sex gained from watching internet porn, which is pretty much who the point-of-view character is. Everything in the game seems to be informed by this point of view.

    As far as feedback, the only thing that bothered me was that the gender machine doesn't do anything in the game itself (I know it does something, just not what I expected/wanted), I spent a couple hours trying to figure out if there were a way to make it work. I guess I was interested in seeing an exploration of gender-reversal fantasies, I don't have gender identity issues, but I remember as a teenager being intensely curious about the experience of sex from a female perspective.

    Anyway, it bothered me so much I learned how to use RPGMaker2003 and modded it so that the machine does work, at least as far as making the character transgendered (pre-op MTF, I just recolored existing sprites) and didn't change any dialogue except gendered pronouns.

    After I finished, I'm not sure if this is exactly what I wanted, the project kind of became it's own thing.

    I may go further and add in the ability to become completely female, because I think it'd be interesting, but it would require some substantial and meaningful changes to the combat system, plus at that point it wouldn't make sense to just leave it as an aesthetic change and I'd feel like I would have to change content, but I don't want to disrespect the original author intent, so there's a conundrum there.

    Anyway, an interesting game, I can't really say why it provoked me to drop 20 hours on a mod meant only for myself to achieve a result that provides no sexual thrill for me, as a gay man I'm pretty much only interested in masculine approaches to sex. I suppose the curiosity remains from my youth.

  10. Ok, I give up. I'm stuck in heaven. How do I get the balloon?

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  12. To get the balloon, you must insult one of the angels (by talking to them with your arms down). If you're lucky, your punishment will be being turned into a very short man. When that happens, go to the mansion on the far right (where the owner of the mining company lives), and there is a hole in the top left that only a short man can walk through. Talk to the tentacle monster a couple of times, and he'll claim to leave a present in your backside.

    Now, you need to go to the building of love. It's the one with the ginger twins in the middle. They'll provide comfort after you tell them you feel ugly. They'll hug you, you'll turn back to normal, get into a sex battle with them, and then after that they'll tell you that a balloon came out of your arse.

    Yeah, it doesn't make any sense to me either.

  13. It hangs after the title screen fades out when beginning a new game, for me. Where/how should I report bugs like this one, and what information do you want me to provide?

  14. I just posted a Troubleshoot tab on the top of the page.

  15. Download link seems dead. Would it be possible to have a mirror?

  16. Well, I enjoyed the comedy aspects, and I've progressed up to Heaven, but I still really don't understand the abstractions in the sex minigame.

    Here's what I think is happening:
    Most moves deplete my stamina, and penetration moves deplete the target's stamina too. If my stamina runs out first, my dick meter grows (represents sexual frustration?). If their stamina runs out first, my dick meter shrinks. The smaller the dick meter, the better.

    If they pleasure me, my stamina drops, so the game seems to be bringing them to orgasm, without prematurely cumming. So then I guess the dick meter isn't sexual frustration, it's ego damage, or something? In this case, what's the masturbation action for? What's tease for?

    Also, I consumed tons of candy (stamina boost) until I realised most of the moves my partners make deplete stamina down to 1 point, rather than depleting it past 0 points. So that was a waste. I could just repeated Rest then Fuck.

    Like I said, I'm pretty sure I have some misconceptions here.

  17. In truth, the sex minigame/battles aren't supposed to represent anything, and they aren't abstractions. They're just game mechanics, and adaptation of traditional Final Fantasy-like battles. The complicated thing about making an analogy of zero stamina and cumming is that it wouldn't work for both player and partner: you would either be always selfish (partner stamina = zero means you came but he didn't), or always selfless (parter stamina = 0 means he came, but you didn't). I put some thought in this system in terms of mechanics, but I never have any abstractions in mind, like I said.

  18. i manged it to Finnish the game although some parts where extremely frustrating even though i cheated. like

  19. I got gonorrhea early in the game. I can't seem to find the doctor. I'm in heaven now and only win battles by tiring out the enemy. I got $600, but I still don't know how to cure it help please.

  20. In Cocota Mall, stairs to the right.

  21. I'm enjoying this game much more the second time through. I'm discovering some new, weird things. The first time through, I was expecting a much more linear story; but so much of the game transpires outside the main storyline. Some non-linear elements (such as hooking) are almost indispensable in playing the game, but a lot of them are just there to do -- like finding the Djinn or getting the Durator award. The first time through, these extra quests and challenges confused me. Sometimes I expected them to resolve themselves as I finished the main story, but they never resolved. (Like the vampire -- although I still haven't found a resolution to that.) Other times, I expected them to fit more directly with the themes of the main storyline, and they didn't. But now I understand that the game is more free-form than I first thought, which makes it more fun to explore. (It also helps that I've already solved all the story-furthering puzzles, so I don't worry about getting stuck.)

  22. I'm glad you're having fun exploring on your second playthrough! Yeah, the story itself can be "solved" skipping a huge amount of content in the game. But it's there, for players who enjoy that kind of exploration. I didn't expect it would be confusing to discern what was the story and what were the sidequests though. Did you manage to get the durator? I know it's possible because I did it myself once, but I've never heard of anyone else doing it.

  23. I got the durator after numerous attempts. By trial and error, I figured out in which order the ladies should be picked up so that I wouldn't trap myself with them.

  24. Okay, I'm at what I believe to be the end of the game, and frankly I'm stumped on a number of things. I don't expect you to give away the farm, but any hints for the following:

    1. Where do I find the secret number to give the guy in the minotaur's dungeon?
    2. What's with the corpses outside of the hunting ground in Heaven? And for that matter, what's with the note? I swear I fondled every square on that screen and did every move on corpses, came up with nothing.
    3. Is there any way to get into the rooms to either side of the Heaven entry room?
    4. Is there any way to survive the world of gloom that one can access by way of Heaven after you have swim fins? Is it just a place to go to die?
    5. Where's this djinn everyone's talking about?

    I also got the durator, and am trying to have a solid go of total completion, or something approaching it. But on the above, I got nothing!

  25. I'll answer two of your questions:

    Someone in Lady Valesca's house helps you find the Djinn. He seems simply to disappear and tell you nothing, but ... hmm ... he leaves something behind, in a way.

  26. Took me a bit, but I found it, Hain. Thanks for the tip.

    Speaking of Lady Valesca's, what's up with the closed door and the splotch of food blocking the other doorway? Set dressing or a hidden secret?

    Also, what happened to the vampire? Anyone figure that out?

  27. I dunno about the vampire or the closed/blocked doors in Lady Valesca's house.

    I only found a large, nasty man near the corpses outside the hunting grounds. I didn't expect to find any more than that.

    What's this world of gloom? -- The area where you do nothing sexual? There is a puzzle to solve there. Just push things in the correct order. You can also leave by breaking the rules. As far as I can tell, both ways out end the same way.

  28. Any chance at a mac version in the future.

  29. It's the engine's fault, not mine! As far as I've heard, the only way to run it on Mac is by using a Windows emulator.

  30. Dude, the torrent is broken, D: i cant play it. whats wrong. D:

  31. ...I kind of want a walkthrough eventually just to see what bits i missed out on, like the hunting grounds and the vampire and the extra doors in Valesca;s house and the

  32. I didn't expect the vampire quest to be so obscure. Basically, there a somewhat small percentage that he will be there every time you enter. You just have to try.

  33. I hate the ending. Hate it. Is there only one ending? Other than that an amazing hilarious game. Love it.

  34. I love the concept of this game. It's a really exciting and fresh take on the Final Fantasy formula, and I'm intrigued by all the little details and characters.

    Having said that, maybe I'm just too awful at video games to make sense of this, but I'm stuck in the Minotaur's cavern... I can't seem to find a path around the big tranny in the room with the moving floors, and all my attempts to beat her at sex have left me destroyed and humiliated! Is there actually a way around it/him/her, or is there a way to beat her?

    Also there should be a GameFAQ for this game, lol. Don't know if that would defeat the point, but after like five attempts at the tranny I'd love to be able to figure out a better way around her.

    Awesome game, though!

  35. You can't "defeat" Brooke, you just have to find a way around the arrow paths. If you reach Brooke, that means you got the wrong way. Try reaching the other characters on the screen and talking to them... and pay attention to the direction of the arrows!

    Yeah, a lot of people are asking for a guide, walkthrough or something. It could be cool, but I think it would be somewhat strange if I made it myself.

  36. Thanks for the response. And thanks again for all your hard work.

  37. Also curious about the possibility of more than one ending. Anyway, just beat it, interesting game for sure, and very entertaining too in many instances. That ending though... will have me thinking.

    Anyway, time to go look for sidequests, and answers to some things I was wondering about.
    (Like some of the rooms you can access with the master key...)

  38. ...

    ...Ok. The sepia-toned room you unlock in the mountain, where you're pinned up against a wall with... some person.

    what the hell am I supposed to do there? Is it just a slow guaranteed death?

  39. Hmm. Can I get a hint about where to find this master key?

  40. Hello Nicolau,
    is there any little miserable chance of lowering the difficulty? Because I'm the kind of person, who explores EVERYTHING. In your game it means I DIE A LOT. I remember how i died like 2 times near Brooke (with last save 2 hours ago) then I died by 10 girls. By some random accident i have not died by Minotaur, but as I say, it was just accident. Maybe if horny meter went up only when exhausted, and not by time? Yeah, and the Heaven is just chapter itself. How could you rape the "Heaven" to "Hell"? Currently im stucked at leeches, because as I and as my friend who watched me said - it just could not be done, no matter how many candy you have in your pocket (i had about 60, 5 truffles, lvl 26 - 27). But still Im going to play it right now, and DO IT :) Thanks Nicolau, for feeling that i had not since... i guess since Dungeoneer :) Just one thing, if you dont want to make walkthrough, dont you want to make something like... list of advice? I mean like walktrough written in puzzles :) Then it wouldnt be so bad that YOU wrote it :) + I think, nobody can write it as good as you. Because you can see connection of story like no one else. Sorry for some grammatical mistakes, but i bealieve, you would get it :)

    1. Ok, I just finished. Do nothing with difficulty, i now feel it fits just good :) The ending is.. quite uneasy :)I have just few other questions that come on my mind. Beware, there CAN be some SPOILERS:
      1) Can you tell me all doors that can be unlocked with masterkey? Or at least number of them? (I would preffer some advice though) because i think ive got all but i dont want to miss any.
      2) Can't you really make any port on android/iPhone/mac whatever? I know you make freeware and this will cost money.. but still. It would be so wonderful experience.
      3) Will the vampire after sex disappear for good?
      4) what about path of abstinence, as i heard about it. Is there possibility of NOT dying by it?
      5) What exactly is durator? Im reconciled I would not find it.
      6) Slaves always run away after you use them or its a bug?
      7) When you use MasterKey at Metal Grids by the entrance to Minotaur dungeon, you are ported to some pretty sick place. And there is no possibility of surviving. Or is it?
      8) How many panties are in the game? I thought i had all, but propably not, because i just have not got any achievment :)
      9) how many of secret.. persons/places are out there? I found only the corner of Cocota. (maybe more, just can not remember)
      10) Who is Djinn and where can i find lady Valesca? O.o

    2. Yea, one last thing i remembered, i dont get why is everyone so upset about using of condoms and all the STD stuff. I realize existance of STD at the end of game yet I slept with everything (i mean EVERYTHING)without condom for whole game and only thing i got was Crabs.. Doctor told me that they are not a big danger, so i just finished the whole game with Crabs. What a big deal, i dont get people who still have some problem with this O.o you dont even need to care. Or are there some more dangerous sickness?

  41. I'm glad you enjoyed it!
    1- I'm really not sure, but from what you tell me, it's likely you've found them all.
    2- I definitely would if I could! But I can't program, RPG Maker 2003 is just an engine, and it doesn't exist for iphone/mac/android (yet).
    3 - Yep.
    4 - Of course! There are two ways of leaving without dying.
    5 - It's the item you get when you line up all 10 girls.
    6 - They do, it's not a bug.
    7 - Indeed you will die.
    8 - I don't remember the number, but you will get an achievement once you collect them all.
    9 - "Secret" is very subjective!
    10 - The Djinn is behind the door guarded by the keeper on Maze Mount West. Valesca is the witch you meet in Rach Mount East.

    1. 5 - I have line up 9 of them, then stuck just from my stupidity. I wonder just if that thing do something special, or if its just some kind of trophy.

      8 - Currently stucked on 11, driving me crazy.

      10 - So does it mean that i already finished this quest? Because Valesca disappeared and I still cannot remember that bloody Djinn.

      11 - I wanted to ask one more question, but I unfortunately forgot. Instead of that one I would ask something about ending, if its not secret:
      11a: Is it normal that i feeled extremely sad for princess being raped? Why have you put it there? I am traumatized. Was there any meaning or it just should have been shocking.
      11b: What about the END. You walk the stairs and there is a song, that is ?better? with every guy you ?collect? (Just buy the way i couldnt found this song in music file, is it available?)And then you meet a woman. Is that your/mine feminine part? Is that my mother? Is that my girlfriend (well that fapper propably dont have girlfriend)? And the end fight? Is there any meaning? I know I propably should find MY meaning in it. But I really want to know how YOU meant it.

      Thanks a LOT, for your responding, I didnt expect that. I just really need to speak about such an experience like your game was. And my friends, family and girlfriend things its pretty perverted. (Girlfriend even wondered if i would not want her to get a penis - she saw the minotaur part)

      Your big next-game-awaiting fan,
      Adam :)

  42. 5 - There's no secret, just try harder.
    8 - Look harder!
    10 - You'll only meet Valesca again at the final part of the game, but if you return there with the Master Key, there's a box in her room. You'll meet the Djinn if you know the secret number.
    11 - Can't say. It might interest you to read the post-mortem blog post, and this:

    That song isn't in the music folder because it was made from separate sound files (so it can progress). But it was based on this:

  43. This is a closer version.

  44. Is there some official guideline or something? ‘Cause I’ve stuck after completing Minotaur’s Maze. I should find Lady Valesca but her theater is closed and I’m not allowed to “cum” into her house yet. I leveled up few times, been in every possible place (except Heaven ‘cause I can’t go there for some reason) but I can’t push plot forward.

    P.S. Sorry for my poor English.

  45. After you meet the Minotaur, talk to James Tonguelash, then enter the Princess' room and talk to her. The Theater should be open then! I don't think there's a walkthrough, but you'll find some videos on youtube.

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  47. Can I found an apk of this game? I don't have a computer...