I have received some messages regarding technical problems with the game. Some of them are:

  • Screen gets black after you start a new game;
  • Keys don't work;
  • Screen flickers.

Sadly, they are RPG Maker 2003 issues, and I'm not very familiar with them.

I always try to look for help on Google. I've found that some of the following solutions may help, depending on the problem:

  • If you are using Windows 7, try running administrator powers;
  • If the screen is flickering, try playing on windowed mode (press F4);
  • If the keys are glitching, try restarting your computer or configuring your controller.

If you've come across any problems and found a solution, make sure you post here as a comment. It might help other players.


  1. The "Non Implemented" error happens when there's some sort of incompatibility of the game's mp3 and your current codecs. You can fix this by installing codecs, or alternatively you can rename all mp3 files, and the game will play normally (but with no music).

  2. Reported error:
    Whenever I try to use them, the screen goes black for a second and then a box pops up saying:
    "DirectDraw Error (DDERR_UNSUPPORTED)"

    The solution I found involved making a shortcut for the game's .exe file and then right clicking, opening properties and in the target box (where it says "C:\Users\(user name)\Desktop\Polymorphous Perversity\Polymorphous Perversity.exe") I added " NormalPlay ShowTitle Window" and the game now worked fine in windowed mode

    just for example, so you can post the solution if you want, after I had changed it, it looked like this

    "C:\Users\User Name\Desktop\Polymorphous Perversity\Polymorphous Perversity.exe" NormalPlay ShowTitle Window

    Thanks to Troy Downs for this!