My name is Nicolau Chaud, and I go by the alias of Calunio on some online forums. I am a Brazilian psychologist currently working as a psychotherapist and as a professor. I make indie games as a hobbie on my spare time. I do it because I love doing it.

If you want to know more about the stuff I make, you can check my personal blog, though most of it is in Portuguese:

Most my games are hosted on a website called You can check a list of my games hosted there here:
Calunio's games

My two most popular games are Marvel Brothel and Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer. The first one is a brothel sim using characters from the Marvel universe. It became popular mostly because of its name, and even more famous after Marvel had it taken down (but you can still find a download link here). The second is the game I'm most proud of. It's a short torture simulator mixed with a grim love story.