Friday, May 27, 2011

My relationship

I had a very weird insight today: I treat my game like a girlfriend.

  • I'm in love with it and I want to show it to everyone;
  • Even when I'm not actively planning something or working on something, I'm always thinking about it at the corner of my mind - I do think about it all the time;
  • I feel bad when I neglect it for too long;
  • When I have the perspective of free time, the first thing I think is how am I going to use it to work on my game;
  • When things are going good with it (e.g. I'm making good progress and I'm satisfied with the results), everything else in my life seems to be ok or loses importance.
  • When I'm more involved with the game, I feel less interest in people in general and lose touch with friends a little.

Yeah, I know, weird. But the good thing is: it loves me back.

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