Sunday, July 10, 2011

What's in, what's out

When I first started making this game, I thought I should try to include all kinds of stuff that might sexually arouse people. Not only paraphilias, but... stuff. Aiming too high, but still I should try.

So, one day, I was designing this female slave you can purchase to do things for you in your house, and I asked a friend: what would you like an ingame sex slave to do for you? Among other stuff, he said "I don't know, make you her slave". To which I replied... "nah". But I realized players could think that when playing - "I wish this slave could..." - and "nah" isn't the right attitude for what I was aiming for.

Then I realized... an "I wish" reaction from the player may have the same kind of effect as something that actually happens inside the game. Just the fact of thinking of something he would want to be in the game can be stimulating, can trigger the type of thoughts I want triggered. To the unconsciousness, reality and fantasy are complementary and have similar degrees of impact (would quote Freud here). That made be feel good about not having EVERYTHING in the game (But I will get close, promise).

In other words, I expected players to be stimulated by what they see/do in the game, and by what they DON'T see/do. We'll see.

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