Saturday, June 16, 2012

Testing is over

Deadline for testing was extended to June 16th, which is today. Testing is over.

I got almost 300 sign ups for testing, which was a surprisingly huge number, but only 22 savefiles sent, which was surprisingly little. But I take part of the fault for that, because I got numerous reports that the game was somewhat difficult and frustrating at points.

I'm not taking any more sign ups, but if any tester is still willing to send me the savefile within the next few days, that will be great!

Next step is organizing all data from savefiles and doing some heavy statistic work. I said I wanted 100 testers, but I was thinking high. I could work fine with 50, and my very very minimum would be 20. I have 22, which means the outcome of the process will be far from ideal, but it will do.

I'd rather not talk about the actual system I'm implementing using data from the savefiles right now, but it will only affect the ending of the game. I'm also changing a lot of stuff based on testers' feedback, but nothing major.

I set my mind not to change ANYTHING in the game once I've made the final release. The game was finished on April 26th, almost 2 months ago. That's enough fine-tuning. I think I'll have the final release of the game by... let's say... June 29th. I'm sorry for the huge delay though!

I'm taking suggestions regarding where I can host the game. I want something that's reliable, easy to access, and preferably with a download count. I don't want sites like rapidshare or 4shared. I was thinking Game Jolt, which is a pretty great site, unless someone has a better idea.

Thank for you everyone who has tested the game, even those who couldn't finished. Thanks for all the feedback as well! And thanks everyone else for the support. I hope the final "product" is worth the wait!


  1. GameJolt is fine. I think you could also host it on IndieCity or Indievania. And I mean there's no reason not to put it on more than one site is there?

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