Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Another article, and words on this blog

The internet is amazing... there is another article on it already, on a blog called Nightmare Mode.

It's kind of scary to see people creating expectations towards this game, since I'm trying to lower my own expectations because I'm not sure what I will be able to accomplish with this. Both those blog posts are slightly outdated in terms of game concept because I'm already a little further in development, and some things changed.

In this forum, I wrote a little about the game's battle mechanics.

On one hand, it's a good thing that this game is getting a share of attention while still in development, because I'll be able to set directions based on what people are saying and expecting. It's not that I'll shape this game to fit everyone's expectations, because frankly, I don't think people even know what to expect from it. I don't, fully, either.

There are some things about the nature of this game that will depend on external participations. I'll need a huge number of testers before releasing the final version, for reasons I shouldn't tell yet. There are other things that will require (or at least be improved by) the participation of other people, and for that reason, I'm requesting people to subscribe to this blog and keep track of updates, because if there are enough people following it, I'll be able to make some requests eventually.

Also, the blog is kinda empty right now, but that's because I'm lazy. I'll fill it with content in time.

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  1. It's a lot of pressure i guess but also a good way to keep workin' on it