Friday, April 29, 2011

RPS feature and the hype

This game was featured today on a very hip gaming website, Rock, Paper, Shotgun. So now it's officially overprecociously hyped.

I guess it's just safe for me to say that I don't know what people should expect from this game. It's not an educative game, it's not a game made to express a psychological theory, it's not a joke game, it's not an "OMG-shocking!" game, it's not an expression of my masturbatory dreams, like someone said (maybe a little), it's just a standard RPG full of sex, dicks, vaginas, tits, butts, cum, sodomy, fetishes and paraphilias. That's all. Rather not say "the point behind all this is...".

I know I can't avoid people having such different and extreme reactions to the concept. I mean, sexuality varies immensely among people. It reflects on things like that.

I will need some concrete degree of "fan support" for this game in many ways, none of which I can say right now. But I beg for people to subscribe to this blog (follow) and keep up to date with the news. I'll be asking for specific things from people often.

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