Thursday, January 5, 2012

It is ending

The world is ending, so I need to finish this game soon.

Sadly, I haven't been physically or mentally well, so I can't get myself to do much for the game at the moment.

This is not a hiatus, not a possible cancellation or anything like that, just a break I need to take. A short one, hopefully.

There isn't much left to do, though. And if I feel a bigger urge to finish the game sooner, I'll just skip some non-important stuff and get it over with. I'll release this game, I promise.

Staying on subject, I recently saw this poll that asked people what would they want to be doing when the world ended. Over 50% said they want to be having sex. I'm puzzled. Why do they have to wait for the world to end?

Death and sex are themes that pop up together more often that I expected.

Shout out to Michael Hutter for some amazing art I stumbled across googling for "death and sex".


  1. Looking forward to it! Good luck with finding the requisite motivation sooner or later!

  2. "Over 50% said they want to be having sex. I'm puzzled. Why do they have to wait for the world to end?"

    Hilarious! Take care, Nicolau. Take a break and look back over your photos from Game Music Brasil 2011!

  3. The thing is, I'm having some sight problem, and I have no idea what it is, and I don't even know if it's temporary or not. I can see well enough to do stuff normally on the computer, but the whole situation and the possibility that it may not be temporary is freaking me out a little, because my sight got way worse in very little time. I'll see a doctor on monday. Hopefully it's nothing serious. I also got some kidney stones this week, and a few other minor bad news. But even if I am going a little blind, I'm still working on the game, I just need some time to be mad and sad.

  4. Look after yourself!
    Also, I think it would be healthy for you to accept some help where you think someone else could do menial things/ something they can do. I know I've said this earlier, and it can be hard to do, but I do think it could help.
    Let me know if there's anything I/ someone could do.

    Hope your sight is ok! I have problems with concentration, migraines and sight sometimes, but it's generally 'too much computer + isolation + thinking' combined with no exercise etc that does it. I hope yours is just as temporary.

  5. Nah, I couldn't have other people doing things for my game. Tried that once in Beautiful Escape, but I changed my mind before it happened... and I'm glad I did. It has to do with identity, etc.

    I did some small spriting work last night, I'll get my rythm back eventually.

    To be honest, the only thing that would really help me is more feedback on some ideas I have for the game. The few people I usually discuss this game with usually have nothing to say. The bits of the game with which I'm stuck would get done if I had someone to talk about.