Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Premature ejaculation

So the game is almost done, except for a few finishing touches and the two final scenes.

I decided to give it a full playthrough to get a good feel of the game and spot bugs. At first I just ignored all the side stories and ran straight through the main plot.

It was way too fast.

Then I went back and played every side quest and optional scene.

Still fast.

Of course I tend to go faster than other players because I know everything. But the speed still worries me.

I'm thinking about adding... stuff. I won't extend the main plot, but add more optional content, secrets, etc. Not much. On one hand, it'll give me the opportunity to add more of the things from my Bathroom Wall. On the other hand, it will delay the release of the game a bit. Not much.

Sorry about that!


  1. I'm just happy to hear you've been motivated to put in more content, rather than wishing to rush it out the door.

    Good luck with this final stretch!

  2. More content? It could backfire, since it can make sex last less.

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