Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Something wrong?

Testing phase is not going quite as I expected.

So far, I have 178 sign ups (all of them have already got an e-mail with the game's download link), but only five have sent me the savefile. Testing phase has been up for 11 days, and there are only 10 days left.

A few people sent me e-mails reporting trouble running the game on Windows 7, but all of them (I think) have been fixed. I also got a couple of people telling me they got stuck on some part of the game, but I already gave them instructions on how to proceed.

I wonder what has happened to the rest. Have they given up on the game? Why? I need some feedback on this. But more importantly, I need people who are actually willing to finish the game. Without the information from the savefiles, it won't be possible for me to finish the game (EVER!).


  1. Hey Nicolau - I'm working on it (have been traveling a lot). Struggling a bit with the first "quest" with the Minotaur and all that, but still aim to finish it off before the testing period is over.

  2. I'm trying, but parts of it are just frustrating. Like the "Trannies". So far all the transgendered folk I've run into have been shown as predators, which kind of sticks out in a negative way when everyone else is just playfully enthusiastic about fucking.

  3. Just finished it today.
    My quick advice is to make sure you buy a LOT of items and keep multiple saves because, unless I just couldn't figure out how to get out, there's a point of no return.

    Was a great game, though! Hope the other testers are enjoying it too.

  4. I believe I am near the end. At the point of no return you have to meet a certain goal which can be rather difficult. Thankfully I have a save from right before.

  5. I got very frustrated and had to take a break from it. The back and forth for items and such was driving me a bit nuts. The other poster has it spot on. But a LOT of items, like TONS. So, you need lots of money first. I won't finish in the timeframe you asked for but hopefully I will finish in time to give you some feedback. :)

  6. Really? Why do you need tons of items?

  7. I am having trouble with the minotaur mission as well

  8. Some tips regarding the Minotaur mission:
    You don't have to defeat Brooke, just find the correct arrow path;
    You don't have to line up the ten girls, just walk straight to the next room;
    You don't have to defeat the Minotaur;
    I hope it helps!

  9. Im stuck at the gatekeeper inside the pyramid. The problem is I kill the guy too fast before I can get A rank on him. Im lvl 25 now with lots of appeal. Any tips?

  10. I'm not sure what gatekeeper you're talking about. Either way, having a really high appeal might make things difficult. You should try to get higher score on other parts: stalling the battle (you can do that by doing nothing), make a really high fuck damage (try using Viagra), and maybe getting at least 1 or 2 chain. Try a few more times and tell me if it works. I might have to lower it to B, or maybe come up with a way to decrease Appeal.

  11. I've had a lot to do, but I'm running through the game now. If nothing goes wrong with the game itself, you'll have the save file by june 2nd.

  12. Thanks! Unless you get stuck, the game is not really long. I'd guess... 3-4h. No need to rush, I'll probably have to extend the deadline anyway.

  13. If I may comment, removing the need for a ranked system all together might help, I am stuck on heaven at the moment because in order to progress I have to get a B rank and I don't think at any one time in the game did I ever get over a D or C rank, so having to get B or A in order to even get to the end does not sound appealing at all.

  14. may I sugest mantain the rank system, but teach the player along the game how to improve your rank. Since you don't need to worry about this for the most part and all of sudden you need A and B ranks to keep going, without some good practice.

    I liked the system, but I can't get past Lester the Gatekeeper for shit. I stale the battle in the "pyramid", when you need a B fucking the cat, but seems not work for Lester.

    Maybe I can send you the save games until this point, if it helps anything.

  15. Try hitting chain moves: masturbate, oral sex, assfuck, masturbate again, spank.
    If it doesn't work, send me the savefile and I could take a look.

  16. Worked. Already sent you the savegame.

  17. I cant get past either i usaly get the lowest rank no matter what.

  18. are there any codes i can use in cheatengine? to get past those cats.

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