Thursday, May 31, 2012

More time

I contacted the testers, and I decided to give testing more time.

So deadline for testing now is June 16th.

I have also decided to make things a bit easier for testers.

I made a patch that fixes some minor problems: less lag at some points, more items, less difficulty, more instructions. Just extract the rar file to your game folder and replace the previous files.

I also wrote a very brief guide for those who are stuck at some point and don't know what to do next. I recommend you do not read it unless you're really stuck. Also, don't read past the point you need.

If by June 16th I don't have enough savefiles, I'll release the game as it is. I have fixed some problems according to the testers feedback, but I haven't implemented the system that would require the savefiles I'm asking to function. If I don't have the savefiles by then, the game will have to do without it.

Thank you for the help, everyone!


  1. I liked the patch, but I accidentally ate a truffle and the Good Angel are asking for it, now I can't find another one.

    It's a fun game, thankfully you extended the dead line.

  2. Decon, I also ate (apparently) the last truffle in the game before discovering the angel who wanted it. You don't need to appease that angel to complete the game.

  3. I'm adding more truffles! But indeed, pleasing that Angel is not a requirement.

  4. I'm curious. Will this be available to download for mac?
    I downloaded your earlier project, Dungeoneering, a few days ago, but was unable to play it because I only have a macbook.

  5. I don't think RPG Maker games run on Mac. From what I've looked, only if you use a Windows emulator.

  6. Tis the 16th! What is the ETA for the gamer release?

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